Ip Yuk-Yiu’s CALL Trilogy is an experimental machinima series that hacks and reworks materials from the video game franchise Call of Duty, unearthing hidden ghosts and poetics while creating evocative parallels through a kind of uncanny observation and navigation in the found virtual landscapes.

For the festival weekend all three films available were available to screen online for free.

Another Day of Depression in Kowloon (2012)

Another Day of Depression in Kowloon turns the violent first-person shooter into a series of vacant, uncanny and yet meditative tableaux, unearthing a formal poetry that is often overlooked during the original gameplay. It combines methodologies from both the observational and assemblage film traditions in raising questions about cultural representations in contemporary popular media, while at the same time creating evocative metaphors for a post-colonial Hong Kong through the reworking of media materials.


The Plastic Garden (2013)

The Plastic Garden summons the ghost of a forgotten future, the grim fatality of a total nuclear war that held the world hostage half a century ago. 

Clouds Fall (2014)

Clouds Fall is a series of virtual tableaux, a speculative portrait of life on earth after mass destruction and its violent aftermath. Evoking imagery and memories of the atomic age.