#81Who killed society? – a Psychogeographical Murder Mystery

Sun, April 14, 2-4pm

Who killed society? – a Psychogeographical Murder Mystery
The South-London post-society Society of Fictionauts

Sunday, April 14, 2-4pm

How does one locate fiction within the environment? Where can its effects be seen and felt?
A murder has been committed, futures have been cancelled, proto-dystopian plots abound and history is out of joint. We are calling upon fellow Fictionauts to build our archive of traces, to help us remember lost utopias and to co-develop our counter-cultural re-enchantment toolkit.
In this 2 hour session, we will be exploring gamified psychogeographical practices in order to explore the site of Somerset house and its affects, its fictions and futurities. Starting with LARP inspired archive-building and ambient site-based investigations, we will develop the mechanisms into a ‘walk’ in order to explore the potential of post-archaeological findings.
This workshop and game will utilise LARP devices, radical workshopping, RPG mechanisms and deep-walking to explore the environmental potential of play and geographical consciousness-raising methodologies.

We operate a bi-weekly reading, writing and experimental game group (and have so for a number of years now), out of the New Cross Learning Community Library basement (and sometimes at Venue MOT and Goldsmiths too), where we explore the intersections of radical, counter-cultural politics and philosophy with divergent forms of experimental literature, theory and games. Primarily, this focuses on the activation of psychographic research via RPG inspired formats. We regularly run workshops, LARPs, presentations, games and seminars in perilously underfunded events and exhibitions; and also produce and distribute flimsy publications - currently you can can find us at Nowhere.