#42Vector-Synthesis Workshop

Weds, 10 April, 3-6pm

Vector-Synthesis Workshop
Kevin Kripper
Wednesday 10th April, 3-6pm

Learn to create vector graphics with audio signals on a hacked Vectrex console in a workshop blending technical skills with creative expression.

The Vector-Synthesis Workshop offers an intriguing dive into the world of drawing vector graphics using audio signals on a DIY modified Vectrex video game console. This workshop not only covers the basics of vector-synthesis but also delves into the technical process of hacking the Vectrex console. Participants will learn how to manipulate the console to accept external audio signals for creating graphics, a method that involves opening the console, cutting specific wires, and soldering new connections.

Kevin Kripper (Buenos Aires, 1991) is a generative artist whose work addresses a wide variety of topics, technologies and aesthetics. Some of these works have been exhibited and awarded at both art and science festivals. Since 2012 he has been developing digital tools that expand the creative possibilities of experimental artists from all over the world.