Cards against the Climate Crisis

Play & Talk

Join us for a streamed play and talk session with the designers of the games Ecologic and Carbon City Zero! Both of these modern card and board games address the climate crisis in different ways, from balancing extracting minerals from the landscape whilst offsetting damages, to cooperatively developing a sustainable city.

During the stream, you’ll learn how to play the games and get to know some of the thinking behind each project. Following this we invite you to head to our community space for an online boardgame cafe where you can find a group to try the games with and discuss the ideas behind them even further.

Streamed on Twitch on March 26, 6:30 pm GMT

Carbon City Zero: World Edition is a revised second edition of the climate action game Carbon City Zero. This edition is a collaborative deck-building game for 1-4 people in which players develop a sustainable city by greening transport, transforming industries, and getting citizens on board.

Ecologic is a unique strategic game from Russia. Do you have what it takes to build a fully sustainable mining company from scratch? You’ll need some strategic thinking, flexibility to deal with unexpected events and, most importantly, good understanding of sustainability! Manage your finances and environmental impact to reach the best balance between the two!