The Last Survey

Essay Games

The Last Survey is a narrative essay game about a geologist contracted by a Brazilian mining company to survey rare earth metal reserves. Their research has found that there is not enough metals on the planet to sustain growing industries of green energy and you must deliver these findings to the company’s CEO. Will your choices help steer the direction of your employer away from global mineral fatigue? Or will the urgency of your research fall on unsympathetic ears?

How to play:  You can can download the game from the project’s page. Headphones are recommended to experience the game’s haunting soundtrack.
We have a few community copies of The Last Survey to offer. If the cost of the game is prohibitive in any way please send an email to to request a community copy.

Nicholas O’Brien is a net-based artist, curator, and writer researching Games, Digital Art, and Network Culture. He currently lives in Brooklyn and is Assistant Professor in 3D Design and Game Development at Stevens Institute of Technology.