Sieze the Power

Behrooz 'Bez' Shahriari and Tiz Creel

A game about privilege, discrimination, negotiation, and subjugation of power.

Players are aliens embroiled in a power struggle. Go to school. Get educated. Get a job. Get money. Buy food and shelter. Meanwhile, money is also used to gain power. You control the very rules of the game, but bribery and corruption is possible. Those who have fewer arms, eyes, or no eye-stalks will be discriminated against. By contrast, the most advantaged characters can enjoy ‘stamping down’ on everyone else.

Bez loves games. The way that rules can inform our behaviour, facilitate good times, and even encourage deep pondering and effect change. Bez tries to make games that are worth your time.

Tiz Creel was born and raised in Mexico City, then moved to London to study. She specialised in game studies and hopes to contribute to the cultural evolution of humankind.