Rules & Roberts


Rules & Roberts is light on mechanics, focuses on collaborative storytelling, and simplifies the work of the Dungeon Master.

The players are adventures determined to bring justice, peace and freedom in a high fantasy universe. Being a radically democratic group, all of their actions are methodically debated and agreed upon.
Instead of individualistically declaring their actions, each player proposes motions that are discussed, amended, and approved by the whole group following the Robert’s Rules of Order process.

Rules & Roberts will run periodically in the Parlour Games Arena in the exhibition. Times to be announced.

Molleindustria [soft industry/soft factory] is a project of reappropriation of video games, a call for the radicalization of popular culture, an independent game developer. Since 2003 it produced artisanal remedies to the idiocy of mainstream entertainment in the form of free, short-form, online games. Molleindustria’s titles range from satirical business simulations (MacDonald's Video game, Oiligarchy) to meditations on labor and alienation (Every day the same dream, Unmanned), from playable theories (To Build a Better Mousetrap, A Short History of the Gaze) to tactical responses to current affairs (Phone Story, The Best Amendment). Molleindustria obtained extensive media coverage and critical acclaim while hopping between digital art, academia, game design, media activism and internet folk art.