Amy Strike and Tom Williams

Inspired by recycling and reusing, Repurpose invites you to look at the local places you know with fresh eyes. Following written prompts on your screen, you choose a short sequence of places to explore, gathering and repurposing things you see, hear and feel to progress on your adventure.

How To Play: 

Point your phone camera to this QR code or navigate your mobile browser to

Tip: Tap on the “theme” button in the top menu to switch between light and dark mode, depending on the time of day!

Amy Strike worked for five years as a producer at Fire Hazard Games, designing and running real-world games. She produced Operation Survival, a game made in partnership with Cambridge Museums about climate change, which was mentioned in the Sustaining Great Art and Culture Environmental report, 2017/2018.

Tom Williams was founder and Director of A Door In A Wall from 2008-2020, creating live immersive games within iconic venues and around the streets of London. He has designed and produced site-specific experiences for O2 and Nokia, The National Gallery and the Camden Watch Company, as well as 20 story-driven games as public events, entertaining thousands of players.