Inspired by recycling and reusing, Repurpose invites you to look at the local places you know with fresh eyes. Following written prompts on your screen, you choose a short sequence of places to explore, gathering and repurposing things you see, hear and feel to progress on your adventure.

How To Play: 

Point your phone camera to this QR code or navigate your mobile browser to

Tip: Tap on the “theme” button in the top menu to switch between light and dark mode, depending on the time of day!

Amy Strike worked for five years as a producer at Fire Hazard Games, designing and running real-world games. She produced Operation Survival, a game made in partnership with Cambridge Museums about climate change, which was mentioned in the Sustaining Great Art and Culture Environmental report, 2017/2018.

Tom Williams was founder and Director of A Door In A Wall from 2008-2020, creating live immersive games within iconic venues and around the streets of London. He has designed and produced site-specific experiences for O2 and Nokia, The National Gallery and the Camden Watch Company, as well as 20 story-driven games as public events, entertaining thousands of players.