Outdoor Play

Rainmaking is a campaign aiming to make it rain. We invite the players to join in a giant Cat’s Cradle game with their bodies in a 25-meter-long red rope, exploring our roles and experiences during a public political act in a playful way. Collaboratively, let’s test the question of ‘what if’.

Rainmaking will run periodically as an in-person event at Somerset House. To join, drop by at the exhibition exit onto the River Terrace at one of the following times.

  • Friday, 3pm
  • Saturday 12pm & 3pm
  • Sunday 12pm & 3pm
Flo Yuting Zhu is a Chinese cross-disciplinary performance maker, always seeking beauty in the mundane and small actions. She meanders between playable experiences, urban settings, and mixed reality technologies to initiate new ways of seeing. She is a 2022 graduate of MFA Computational Arts at Goldsmiths.