Rainbow Paths

Helen Kwok & Chad Toprak

Rainbow Paths is a public art installation that transforms the ground into a unique playspace filled with embedded mini-games, hidden objects, and winding paths. As people walk by the installation, they are invited to play the mini-games on each vinyl marker by following its instructions.

The installation will be located on the River Terrace throughout the festival.

Helen Kwok is a multimedia artist and designer who has worked on playful installations, experimental games, and public play activations that have been showcased across Australia and internationally. Her practice often involves blending the digital and physical, crafting work that playfully extends beyond the screen.

Chad Toprak is an award-winning experimental game designer, independent curator, ½ of Hovergarden, and former artistic director of Freeplay, the world’s longest-running independent games festival. He has hosted public play events and exhibited his works at festivals and galleries across Australia and around the world.