Question Project

Mil M2

What is Question Project?

Question Project is a tool that does not provide answers.
Question Project results from a question asked by an unknown pedestrian.
Question Project begins with a question that generates another question.
Such as What would you ask yourself? What would you ask your government?
Question Project is a large sign with wheels and moveable letters, where we install questions provided by pedestrians.

Question Project is a conversation with a stranger in the street who decides to think about a question.
Question Project is responsive.
Its letters move, allowing participants to write questions of up to 100 characters.

Question Project seeks no answer.



Mil M2's practice started in Santiago, Chile, in 2013, as part of a wave of emerging, self-organized spaces. In the first year, they created a temporary community center called “Mil M2."* which was followed by the creation of 3 year site specific space called “Proyecto Pendiente,”** located in the repurposed, tilted, second-floor seating area of an old cinema. Since 2017 Mil M2 works nomadically, in dialogue with other spaces, individuals, and groups in South America, the Caribbean and Europe. Today in the midst of political, social, economic, public health and environmental crises, Mil M2 continues their practice exploring new forms for activating critical thinking collectively. Through their practice they create actions that activate critical reflections. They explore different methods of intervening both public space and the frontiers between the collective and the individual. Our research involves experimentation. From the performativity of bodies, and their social organization, to the construction of relational craft-based objects. Through this, we seek to develop dialogue, tools for knowledge, systems for being together, methodologies of the senses, spaces for community and shared aesthetic experiences. * Mil M2 is the spanish for one thousand square meters. ** Pendiente in spanish means both something that is pending, unfinished, and the inclination of a hill, or a slope