Over Hear There


Collaboratively design an interactive sound exchange to play with a stranger near you.

This live-prototyping project explores new ways to provoke connection and play between strangers who are sitting in the same public space. Come and try out your ideas for sound effects that might help with social icebreaking or provide opportunities for play and games to emerge.

To join this workshop, come by at the exit from the exhibition onto the River Terrace at one of the following times:

  • Friday 4pm
  • Saturday 2pm, 4pm
  • Sunday 2pm, 4pm
Robb Mitchell is a designer, artist and researcher based at the University of Southern Denmark. Pelin Gunay is researcher at Ozyegin University (Istanbul) focusing on designing for social icebreaking. Joe Murphy is a design facilitator that works internationally with industry, public sector and NGOs.