Free Ice Cream: Community Mapping & Playable Data


Now Play This is proud to present this special commission that launches with the festival and will be developed over the course of 2021.

Free Ice Cream will be exploring how their Playable Data methodology can help groups of people think and act collaboratively within the climate crisis.

The community of people around Now Play This are invited to join them in a workshop to collaboratively answer some questions about their creative work and lives as they relate to living sustainably, and explore how their energies and resources flow together as part of a collective system. As they do so, they will create a dynamic node map in real time.

Over the coming months and through a short series of workshops, Free Ice Cream will explore how this node map can be made playable by building worlds and mechanics into the system that can meaningfully convey how group dynamics interact with personal responsibility in a complex problem space, and how we as a game community can find connection and meaningful actions to take to combat the climate emergency.

Sign-up here to join them for their first workshop on Sunday, March 28, 15:00 GMT.

Free Ice Cream design playful interfaces that connect people and give them the agency to imagine and explore complex ideas and social change.  Their work spans online games, playful immersive spaces, and digital magic embedded in the real world.