JR Carpenter & Tomo Kihara: Weather Warnings


Now Play This is proud to present this special commission that launches with the festival and will be developed over the course of 2021 in a series of conversations, research notes and public playtests.

Collaborating for the first time, web artist/poet JR Carpenter and game designer/technologist Tomo Kihara are creating Weather Warnings, an web-based AR experience that is freely playable anywhere in the world.

In this project we use augmented reality and live weather data to overlay the user’s surroundings with signage posing questions about past and present climatic conditions. Why is the sky so blue? Has it always rained? These signs call attention to the small changes in the climate already occurring all around us, inviting playful responses.

The conversation with the artists was streamed on our Twitch channel.

Have you encountered any mysterious, poetic, strange signs? Post them in this thread over on the Now Play This community forum.

J. R. Carpenter works across performance, print, and digital media. The Gathering Cloud won the New Media Writing Prize 2016. An Ocean of Static was highly commended by the Forward Prizes 2018. This is a Picture of Wind was one of The Guardian’s best poetry books of 2020.


Tomo Kihara is a research driven designer making playful interventions that provide a new perspective to socio-technical problems.