#20 Ioana Lupascu: Fleeting Desires II

Sat, April 1, 3pm & Sun, April 2, 3pm

Fleeting Desires II is a facilitated gathering that foregrounds poetry as a space for unpacking broad notions of love.

Dear participant, we will begin the event with a short collective reading of a poem. This will stand as the ground for mapping, sharing and expanding on notions of love and affect as well as a way to get a sense of each other. After this guided exchange, we will pair up. Each pair will be encouraged to play, read, and interact with a poem (or fragment) of their choice from one of the selected texts. We will end with a reflection on the encounter.

For each session we will be joined by friends and collaborators. On Saturday we will be joined by Ruudu Ulas and on Sunday we will be joined by Coco Gaie.

Selection of books:

  • Girls That Never Die by Safia Elhillo
  • Bestiary by Donika Kelly
  • A Recipe for Sorcery by Vanessa Kisuule
  • The Roads of the Roma: a PEN Anthology of Gypsy Writers
  • Fl├Ęche by Mary Jean Chan
  • What If Every Farewell Would Be Followed by a Love Letter by Giulia Crispiani

Sat, April 1, 3-5pm
Sun, April 2, 3-5pm

This is a free event with limited capacity. Recommended for ages 16 and over. To take part, please be at Lancaster Room at 2:50pm.

Ioana is interested in playful ways to co-produce sound pieces, audio walks, texts, art installations, publications, movement sessions, and workshops. They are currently exploring the topic of intimacy, residue, ecology and fragmentation.