#20 Ioana Lupascu: Fleeting Desires II

Sat, April 1, 3pm & Sun, April 2, 3pm

Fleeting Desires II is a facilitated gathering that foregrounds poetry as a space for unpacking broad notions of love.

Dear participant, we will begin the event with a short collective reading of a poem. This will stand as the ground for mapping, sharing and expanding on notions of love and affect as well as a way to get a sense of each other. After this guided exchange, we will pair up. Each pair will be encouraged to play, read, and interact with a poem (or fragment) of their choice from one of the selected texts. We will end with a reflection on the encounter.

On Sunday we will be joined by guest and friend Coco Gaie.

Selection of books:

  • Girls That Never Die by Safia Elhillo
  • Bestiary by Donika Kelly
  • A Recipe for Sorcery by Vanessa Kisuule
  • The Roads of the Roma: a PEN Anthology of Gypsy Writers
  • Fl├Ęche by Mary Jean Chan
  • What If Every Farewell Would Be Followed by a Love Letter by Giulia Crispiani

Sat, April 1, 3-5pm
Sun, April 2, 3-5pm

This is a free event with limited capacity. Recommended for ages 16 and over. To take part, please be at Lancaster Room at 2:50pm.

Ioana is interested in playful ways to co-produce sound pieces, audio walks, texts, art installations, publications, movement sessions, and workshops. They are currently exploring the topic of intimacy, residue, ecology and fragmentation.