#33Game Documentary Screening Night

Tue, April 9, 6-9pm

Game Documentary Screening Night
Tuesday 09 Apr 2024,6-9pm
Join us for a curated selection of Spanish and Argentinian documentaries exploring the significant impact of video games on society, culture, and history, from educational “serious games” to the nostalgic arcade culture.
Videojuegos sobre ruedas (2020)
An Argentine arcade video game collective travels throughout the country, generating an unusual encounter between players and machines in each destination. Experiences, history, industry and new recreational proposals come together in an unprecedented journey.
Ludo (2021)
Rapidly joining literature and film in the artistic canon, video games are gaining power as cultural objects. Treating video games with academic rigor, LUDO looks at ‘serious games’ and shows how this fledgling artform is shaping the contemporary world.
Arcadeologia (2021)
This comprehensive documentary takes a look at the Spanish arcade scene, starting from preserving classic machines, to interviews with contemporary makers and players. The journey investigates the past and present of the arcade movement, through the stories of the artists who maintain the thriving community that it has become.