Flying to the Festival

Live Play Experience

Before the pandemic, flying to festivals (including Now Play This) was a thing that many people did, making up a large portion of the environmental impact of international cultural events.

This year, you can experience the ritualistic pleasure and mind-numbing boredom of flying to a festival with far less of the carbon footprint by joining us for a special event in Hosni Auji’s Airplane Mode. As an active passenger, chat with your fellow passengers, watch an in-flight movie, relax. It’s a long flight!

A streamed play of Airplane Mode on our Twitch channel, with opportunity to get involved through Twitch chat.

In addition, players could join as an active passenger and get a seat on the plane, collectively going through the flight eperience and larping on discord.

We have a number of community copies of Airplane Mode. If the cost of the game is prohibitive in any way, please email for a community copy.

March 25, 3:00 pm GMT

Hosni Auji has taken the scenic route to game development, taking up professional and/or academic endeavors in graphic design, interactive media and filmmaking, while always looking for a conceptual edge on the peripheries. In 2014, He co-designed his first game Zero Age, a 3D atmospheric puzzle adventure for iOS.