Flag For Removal

Caroline Sinders

Social media companies process billions of posts on any given day. They use AI to automate the screening and moderation of this material, but still rely on human moderators to validate and ensure the accuracy of the algorithm. This approach seems to offer the best of both worlds – the speed of AI and the eye of context and meaning of a human – but what is the experience of the human worker in a system designed to function at the speed of AI? This interactive game draws attention to the high-pressure working environment many content moderators experience on the job.

Commissioned by Science Gallery Dublin and created with ADAPT, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for AI Driven Digital Content Technology.

Caroline Sinders is a machine-learning-design researcher and artist. Aphra Kerr is a Professor at the Department of Sociology at Maynooth University and a Co-PI at the ADAPT Centre for Digital Media Technology. She is the scientific lead of the Transparent Digital Governance strand. Research assistance was provided by Melina Garcia, Ciara Hogan and Joi Neuda. Karl Hohn is a developer, artist, musician, and educator based in Brooklyn. Special thanks to Anastasia Clarke for music and sound effects.