Festival Closing

Virtual Gathering

Head over to our digital festival courtyard designed by artist/game designer Tiz Creel to join the playful closing moment of the festival!

How To Play: The courtyard is over at https://topia.io/nowplaythis – You’ll need a chrome browser. You’ll also be able to watch it on our Twitch channel.

Tiz Creel (1991) is an artist from Mexico City currently based in London. Her practice is influenced by play, spontaneity and games, as forms contingent on relations between people. For Tiz, play is the practice of becoming an ongoing exploration of the human experience. When we play, we engage fully with life and its contents to reach for the deepest truths of ordinary things and hopefully pursue greater respect and interest in the things around us. The more people open themselves, the more meaning they will find. Ultimately the meaning of the work comes prominence when the individual’s imagination transforms the objects. To play, the viewers must take the artwork on its own terms, treat it as if its existence were reasonable. The stimulation is what triggers cognitive synergy.