Techn‘Orisha Collective

The interactive installation, eFA, immerses the viewer in a poetic universe where arts, technologies, and spirituality are closely intertwined. eFA offers a multisensory ritual where playfulness meets secrecy in a sensitive and current journey. Take the Queen Conch in your hands and whisper your question to eFA!

The work on the FA (Yoruba divinatory art and science) echoes the issues addressed by the TechnOrisha workshop, which aims to develop artistic and spiritual practices such as technoshamanism and techno-voodoo. The West African divinatory technique of the FA fascinates us by its similarities to binary computer code.


The work eFA is a result of exchanges between artists, technicians and traditional practitioners that were invited to the TechnOrisha workshop organised in Martinique by the Centre de Recherche en Arts Actuels in 2023.
The workshop was based on the premise that for Caribbean cultures, it is essential to anchor their traditions, but above all to envision themselves in the future and to propose imaginaries that place them at the centre, to revive ancient practices by giving them an updated form, integrating contemporary technologies.

Techn‘Orisha Collective is Livia Diniz, Benjamin Abras, Bruno Creuzet, Michel Petris, Henri Tauliaut, M’vwâma Diop, Annabel Gueredrat, Isabelle Arvers

Isabelle Arvers