Deviation Game

Tomo Kihara & Playfool

A game where you must draw the prompt in an unusual way so that other humans can guess what it is, but the AI can’t. Expanding on Alan Turing’s Imitation Game (1950), this game utilises AI not to imitate humanity’s past expressions, but rather to encourage humans to deviate from it.

Tomo Kihara designs and codes "toys for thought" — games and urban interventions that invite the public to explore societal questions through play. His recent projects have been nominated for the Ars Electronica STARTS PRIZE (2021) and exhibited at the V&A Museum (2022).

Playfool is a design unit, comprising Dan and Saki Coppen. Together, they create playful experiences to nurture creativity in people of all ages. In addition to running a thriving YouTube channel, their past works have been awarded the Dezeen Award (2021) and exhibited at the V&A Museum (2022).