DATA/POINTS: Political Party

We Throw Switches & Robin Baumgarten

A frenetic, cooperative alt.ctrl installation powered by real-world statistics – in this case, 100 years of UK election data.

DATA/POINTS is playable data installation using real world statistics – in this case, 100 years of UK election information – to generate stages of frenetic, cooperative button mashing. This edition – ‘Political Party’ – is powered by the House of Commons Library report ‘UK Election Statistics: 1918-2021: A century of elections’ (2021), and contains information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3.0.

We Throw Switches are an independent production / curation studio, formed with the intention of putting fantastic, raucous, and beautiful digital things into public / social spaces.

Robin is an experimental hardware game developer and interactive installation artist.

This commission is realized as part of a partnership between Now Play This and Next Level Festival.