Climate Change Games and Research


Games are an increasingly popular medium for climate researchers to communicate their work, engage communities, support teaching or simply have some fun. There are now games sessions at scientific conferences and climate games feature at science festivals and outreach events. At the same time, game creators are exploring the climate crisis through their stories, mechanics and interactions. Their work brings new and unexpected perspectives onto our planetary systems and relationships.

This open exchange, hosted by urban geographer and designer Jana Wendler, is an invitation to explore the hopes, fears and realities at the intersection of climate games and research. What can climate researchers and communicators learn from games and their creative approach to systems, critique and interaction? What are the limits to playful engagement? And how can we cultivate academic –creative collaborations?

The session is aimed at researchers, science communicators and public engagement specialists – as well as game creators of all kinds. We will take inspiration from the games featured at the festival to explore possibilities for dialogue and collaboration. Our ideas will be documented and will help inform the Alternative Ecologies jam.

Please register here to join the workshop, which will be facilitated via Zoom. Duration: 1 hour.
March 26, 1:00 pm GMT

Jana Wendler is an urban geographer and physical game designer based in Manchester. Her work focuses on playful, interdisciplinary and collaborative ways of connecting research and society. She is a Research Associate at the University of Manchester and runs social enterprise Playfuel Games CIC.