#11Camp Now Play This!

Sat, April 6, 2-4pm || Sun, April 7, 12-2pm

Camp Now Play This!
Emily Koonce
Saturday 6 April, 2-4pm
Sunday 7 April, 12-2pm

This workshop consists of folk games centred around developing connections between one another. Participants will introduce themselves, play a series of folk games chosen to build trust and intimacy within a play community, and discuss what their experiences were like within that mode of playing. The act of play is as important an event as the game itself.

Drawing on Emily’s expertise from conducting the “Theater Games for Game Designers” project, this workshop is intended to not only introduce these folk games but also to highlight their potential to bring people together, illuminate their transformative power, and offer a platform for participants to reflect on their personal gaming experiences and how games can serve as mediums for sharing and examining personal values.

Emily Koonce is a writer, educator, game designer, and community organizer interested in the intersection of folk games, philosophy, and education. She has worked at the NYU Game Center and Babycastles in NYC. Emily is based in Chicago where she can be found giving riddles to strangers at parties.