#73Boring Office Party (LARP)

Sat, 13 April, 6-7.30pm

Boring Office Party
Fi Nicholson & Gabriel Drewett
Saturday, April 13, 6-7.30pm

Clock out of work and into your annual work do. At Boring Office Party, you take on the role of a member of the Corp & Co family. Win the bosses favour, sabotage your rivals, and don’t forget to have F-U-N! Attendance is mandatory, formal footwear optional. Network with your colleagues, complete covert tasks, and win performance based prizes at this LARPy party!

Boring Office Party is a role-playing murder mystery experience, each participant is given a character sheet with details of their role, personality, motivations and secrets. The killer’s job is to direct attention away from themselves, while the innocent must piece together clues to discover what happened.

LARP stands for live action roleplay and is a style of game that combines immersive theatre with real-world gameplay and collective storytelling. Boring Office Party is suitable for beginners, but we recommend that players are 18+.

Imbroglios events tickle and delight those new to live games, performance, and roleplay. Using a mixture of whodunnit, escape room and LARP elements, Imbroglios create experiences that allow guests to make their own allies and carve out their own path. Play how you want: become a gregarious socialite, or a cold-blooded killer.