#32Borders (LARP)

Tue, April 9, 3-6pm

Game Designers: Fanni Lakos, Fanny Hajdú, Francesca Romana Cicetti, Lorenzo Giannotti, Máté Czakó, Soma György Mályi
Project Creator and Leader: Balint Mark Turi

Tuesday, April 9, 3-6pm

BORDERS is a blackbox larp based on the setting of 1920’s Fiume, focusing on the concept of barriers. The characters, Croatian and Hungarian refugees, experience a Kafkaesque border-crossing in a dramatic but ironic atmosphere.
Are borders imposed or by choice? Do you recognize your limits? Can you cross them?

Borders is a blackbox LARP created by: Fanni Lakos - Actress/Performer/Workshop Leader Fanny Hajdú - Theatre Pedagogy Expert, Facilitator Francesca Romana Cicetti - Larp Designer and Organizer, Larp Design Trainer Lorenzo Giannotti - Larp Designer and Organizer Máté Czakó - Theater Director, Choreographer, Experience Designer Soma György Mályi - Graphic and UX/UI Designer Balint Mark Turi - Game Designer, Artistic Researcher