#51At Play: Between Reality and Make Believe

Thur, 11 April, 11am-6pm

At Play: Between Reality and Make Believe
Thursday 11th April 11am-6pm

Celebrating the festival’s 10th anniversary, The Cologne Game Lab joins Now Play This to dedicate a day to game studies, focusing on the theme of liminality within games. 

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All play occurs in a liminal space: a place between everyday reality and a realm that can be composed of fanciful objects, characters, and settings, and which is typically governed by a special set of rules. When at play, we shift our priorities to focus on objectives that take primacy within the confines of this liminal space. During a chess match, the most important thing for each contestant is to win. When at play, we also accept new roles and the existence of impossible or improbable events and things. A child may suddenly become a doctor and one of their parents their patient. Play is a place of imagination, simulation, experimentation, learning, transgression, enjoyment, frustration,sadness, and joy.

This event will explore diverse facets of the liminal space of play through the work of scholars and artists, seeking to offer a deeper understanding of this complex phenomenon through the lens of the field of Game Studies.

Game studies is a discipline that looks into games and their impact on culture and society. It involves analysing game design, player interaction, and the role of games in both digital and non-digital contexts, aiming to understand the significance of games beyond mere entertainment.

Join us for a day of exploration into the heart of game culture and its intersections with reality, inviting a broad audience from curious students to industry professionals.

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