#12Astro.Log.io behind the scenes & concerto performance

Sat, April 6, 5-6pm

Astro.Log.io behind the scenes & concerto performance
Martin Bonadeo & Oliverio Duhalde
Saturday 6th April, 5-6pm

Join us in a behind-the-scenes talk with the artists and creators of Astro.Log.io where we’ll explore the intersection of video games, science and astrology. Delve into the sounds of the cosmos, engage with insights on gaming’s evolution, and access a special sky map experience.

The event will showcase a unique sound rendition of various astrological charts, each of them tied  to a specific time within video game history, culminating in the debut public performance of the astrological chart for the day of the event. This performance will be followed by a discussion led by Martín Bonadeo and Oliverio Duhalde, focusing on the astrological skies of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, alongside a comparison with today’s celestial configuration. This conversation aims to draw parallels between the evolution of video games, tracing their origins from wartime innovations to the contemporary concept of Astro Log Io, which emphasises and fosters self-discovery and collective communion.

During the talk, the speakers will highlight the connections between their work and Johannes Kepler’s theory of the Music of the Spheres, delving into the concept of sonification—the auditory representation of data—and sharing insights into the creative process behind the sounds, visuals, and overall experience of the work featured at the festival.

To conclude, attendees will be given the opportunity to scan a QR code, granting them access to the sound and sky map of that specific moment, encouraging them to step outside and engage with the night sky from a new and enlightening perspective.