Airplane Mode

Hosni Auji

Airplane Mode explores the airline travel experience down to every last detail—from your seat and the seatback in front of you, to the contents of your carry-on bag and smartphone hard drive, to the behaviors of cabin crew and other passengers. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

How to play: Head over to the game’s page on Steam from which you can download and install the game onto your computer. Once in flight, see how you react to the absence of action. Use your mouse to click and drag things! Experiment with the pockets of agency that you can find during the flight.
We have a few community copies of Airplane Mode to offer. If the cost of the game is prohibitive in any way please send an email to to request a community copy.

Hosni Auji has taken the scenic route to game development, taking up professional and/or academic endeavors in graphic design, interactive media and filmmaking, while always looking for a conceptual edge on the peripheries. In 2014, He co-designed his first game Zero Age, a 3D atmospheric puzzle adventure for iOS.