A Lyst Retrospective

Andrea Brasch & Patrick Jarnfelt

Between 2014-2017, Danish initiative Lyst hosted a series of events where game designers and artists from around the world explored romance, love and sex in video games culture. In this room, Lyst founders Andrea Brasch and Patrick Jarnfelt present a playable retrospective of their groundbreaking project.

Located in atmospheric places like a boat in the harbour of Copenhagen or a forest island near Helsinki, Lyst combined talks from artists, researchers, activists and sex workers with game jams – a format where participants create game prototypes in a short timeframe. The result was a unique environment where it became possible to safely share personal experiences and experiment with bold new game formats.

The games presented here were collaboratively created at Lyst events in just a few days.


Custody – Andrei Livadariu, Hanna Wirman, Nina Croitoru & Thomas Ryder

A cross-platform game about managing different responsibilities during separation that involves a child.


Fever – Nicklas Nygren, Sidsel Hermansen & Sara Sandberg

An abstract pattern-matching game exploring awkwardness and communication.


Sushi Hands – Cecilie Stranger-Thorsen, Lau Korsgaard & Martin Nerurkar

A hilarious game of quick reactions that has you form sushi with your hands and those of your fellow players.