#70Laurence Young: How I taught my mum to play Elden Ring

Sat, April 8, 6pm

Artist Laurence Young and his mother Maria Pattinson reflect on how teaching and learning the notoriously difficult game Elden Ring changed their relationship. While traversing The Lands Between, mother and son share touching insights into the ways that games can bring us together, and how the act of forging into unknown territory can be a radical act of love.

Saturday, April 8, 6pm-7pm

This is a ticketed evening event in Lancaster Room. Accessible either with a separate ticket or with a festival pass. Get your ticket here.

Recommended for ages 16 and over.

Laurence Young is a writer and narrative Designer with experience working across different mediums. He has written games, plays, poetry, and prose, and founded and run archipelago arts collective, a cross-art production company that tells powerful, thoughtful, and important contemporary stories.