#52Living Spaces / Dead Spaces

Thur, 11 April, 6-8pm

Living Spaces / Dead Spaces
Hamish MacPherson & Michael Such
Thursday 11 Apr 2024, 6-8pm

Living Spaces / Dead Spaces is a melancholic somatic experience centered around movement-based play. It explores the discomfort of a familiar space transforming around you and being displaced to somewhere new, drawing on ideas of haunting and being haunted. It won an award for “Best Use of Somatic Elements” category in the Golden Cobra Challenge 2016.
LARP stands for live action roleplay and is a style of game that combines immersive theatre with real-world gameplay and collective storytelling. Living Spaces / Dead Spaces is suitable for beginners, but includes mature topics such as death and dying. We recommend that players are 18+.
Hamish MacPherson is an artist-researcher interested in the cross-overs between movement, choreography and philosophy. His work often involves setting up ‘relational structures’ (strange rules or games for example) that can be used for people to learn, make-performances or spend time together in other ways. Michael Such is a data analyst and game designer. He is a former co-organiser of The Smoke, an international larp festival in London.