We are doing everything we can to make sure that Now Play This is a safe event for all audiences and artists involved. We have been working with the Somerset House team to find the best ways of reducing risk and have the event take place such as:

  • Limited audience numbers: We are reducing our audience capacity and managing all entry through hourly slots.
  • Ventilation through the exhibition: Windows and doors will be kept open throughout all indooor spaces to allow for maximum ventilation.
  • Cleaning and treating: All surfaces will be treated with longlasting disinfectant and cleaned regularly across the weekend.
  • Mask guidelines: We are advising all staff and audience members to remain masked throughout the exhibition.
  • Spread out exhibition: We have spread the indoor exhibition across twelve rooms and spaced games out across them. Several rooms will have only a single game in to reduce the audience numbers in each space.
  • Outdoor programming: We have made sure to split the programming across the indoor and outdoor spaces of Somerset House. We will have installations along the River Terrace and talks, walks and workshops across the outdoor sections of the venue.
  • Just a few of the outdoor works you can see are:
    • Sculpture Playground – Leap Then Look
    • Question Project – Mil M2
    • Rainmaking – Flo Yuting Zhu
    • Over Hear There – Robb Mitchell & Pelin Gunay
    • Red Crossing – Assocreation & Everydayplaces
    • Walking Conversation Programme – Sebastian Quack and Now Play This exhibiting artists

If you have any concerns or would like to talk further about ourĀ  COVID-19 guidelines and safeguards, please email: hello@nowplaythis.net