Now Play This started in 2015 as an experiment for us and for Somerset House. A way to show that games had already moved past the “but is it art” conversation and was forming complex interrogations into all sorts of spaces. Over the years we’ve grown from a couple of rooms and a couple of days, to an expansive nine day festival of games, workshops, talks, walks and a conference! Co-founded by Holly Gramazio and V Buckenham with support from Sophie Sampson and Jo Summers, the team has grown and changed over the years. Below you can see what it looks like now.


Artistic Director – Luján Oulton is a games curator and cultural producer specialized in bridging the worlds of artgames and new media art with over 15 years experience of running exhibitions and cultural events.

Lead Producer – Nick Murray is a producer, composer and artist making interactive sonic and narrative work focusing on loss and digital cultures. This often takes the form of games, interactive poetry and performance.

Assistant Producer – Susie Buchan is a creative producer working across production and project management in games, arts and culture events/festivals, video and online content, digital experiences and esports.

Digital Producer – Jo Summers specialises in digital production and technology events. Has over eight years experience of running a wide range of community and tech focused events, from concept to completion.




Board of Trustees

Now Play This is a Community Interest Company led by a Board of Trustees. Our trustees share responsibility for governing and directing the management of Now Play This,  working with the NPT team to lead the organisation in a conscientious and equal manner.

Emma Boulton is a cultural producer, artist, and international arts programmer.
V Buckenham is a designer and curator of games and playful events.
Marie Foulston is a curator and creative producer of radical exhibitions, installations and experiences made in collaboration with videogame designers and artists.
Holly Gramazio is a game designer, curator and writer, who founded Now Play This back in 2015.
Sophie Sampson is a producer and maker working across games, art and fashion.
Laura James is an engineer and leader, who builds and grows responsible, sustainable and collaborative products and organisations, with a focus on emerging internet technologies.
Lynn Love is a lecturer and designer based at Abertay University in Dundee, UK with a passion for bringing people together through play whether digital, physical or somewhere in-between.
Sebastian Quack is an artist, game designer and curator working at the intersection of play, digital media and the politics of urban society.