Playing Between Worlds: Online Sessions

Playing Between Worlds: ONLINE SESSIONS

Now Play This presents a programme of online events to continue the conversation around this year’s theme with our audiences around the world. From Monday, June 22nd to Sunday, June 30th, we’ll be offering a variety of talks, panel discussions, and workshops that will be live-streamed, recorded, and stored for future reference. 

The programme merges the online strand of the Game Design Labs with two online events curated by Artistic Director Luján Oulton, aiming to delve deeper into how games can be used to explore the in-between spaces, both for players and developers. We are taking the best of a creative conference and the game jam process in hopes of fostering experimentation and playfulness.

The online sessions follow the exhibition’s spirit and aim to be an invitation to think of play as a place for inspiration and connection. We have engaged two hosts from very different backgrounds and locations to challenge our understanding of play and games, encouraging us to reflect on how play is woven into our daily lives, sparking creativity while unveiling how it can be related to other art forms.

We’ll be hearing from Mishka de Caro (Argentina), who will share their experience organising  game design workshops in different prisons (at a men’s prison and a women/mothers’ prison), addressing games both as an artistic/therapeutic medium and as a working possibility for social reintegration. Then, we’ll host a very special online site tour that will take us into the digital recreation of a mythical project close to the British heart: “The Fun Palace.” The Minecraft Bloc research group at Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG) will talk through the challenges and discoveries behind this 60-day project that had a group of students and enthusiasts working in survival mode to bring to life a colossal cybernetic project that intertwined performance, architecture, and technology in Minecraft.

The Game Design Labs will offer a wide range of online talks organised by different locations in Buenos Aires, Madrid, London, Dundee, and Los Angeles. Each location will present a programme that reflects the unique identities and approaches to the notion of games and play of each place. We will have professionals from video games, art, architecture, interactive design, and virtual reality. Given the geographical differences, there will be live content available at various time zones, and all sessions will be recorded for future access.

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Playing Between Worlds: Mishka de Caro
Tuesday 25th June – 7pm BST

Now Play This Artistic Director Lujan Oulton will be joined by Mishka de Caro who will be sharing their experiences organising game design workshops across different prisons, addressing games both as an artistic/therapeutic medium and as a working possibility for social reintegration. After three years of teaching in prisons Mishka has learned a lot, empirically, about pedagogy, the democratization of technology, access and accessibility and how to think about the relationships between individuals and institutions amongst other things; in this brief talk they’ll share these lessons and experiences.

Mishka de Caro is a ludologist, game philosophy scholar, advocate, and educator with a passion to make game design and production accessible to all learners. Mishka’s pedagogy is rooted in social and communal learning and digital literacy, and for more than 10 years has been the driving force in their work to support learners that have been left behind by the system. They were a General Producer for Video Game Music Orchestra Corear and is currently working as Curriculum Design Lead for Endless Studios and Content Director of the Demeter Program of Video Game Development in Prisons.

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Playing Between Worlds: The Fun Palace SMP
Wednesday 26th June – 7pm BST

On October 13th 2023, The Minecraft Bloc research group at the Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG) lab revisited the avantgarde notion of the “Fun Palace” by Cedric Price, Joan Littlewood. In a specially designed and modded Minecraft server, together with a group of contributors, they realized this ambitious cultural project. Join us for a look back at the project, and a guided walk through the structure that remains as documentation of the gargantuan build. Now Play This Artistic Director Lujan Oulton talks with members of the Minecraft Bloc about how the project came about, the nature of Fun Palaces and the revolutionary act of play.

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