Now Play This 2023 investigates one of humanity’s foundational experiences: love. Our exhibition and events programme will be slower this year, creating space for fun and intimate playful encounters, deep conversations and careful, open-ended making.


The events programme takes centre stage with a dedicated arena that will host live games, workshops and conversations. Daytime events are free, but some have limited capacity. Evening events are ticketed. Get your tickets here. You can join most events with a festival pass. See the event descriptions for details.

#20 Ioana Lupascu: Fleeting Desires II

Sat, April 1, 3pm & Sun, April 2, 3pm

#30 Nina Runa Essendrop: End(less) Story

Sat, April 1, 6pm & Sun, April 2, 6pm

#40Family Construction Play:
Wiggel, Criaturas Infinitas & Just Add People

Sun, April 2, 11am & Sun, April 9, 11am

#42Artist Conversations: Angela Washko & Nina Runa Essendrop

Sun, April 2, 2pm

#44Lab: Relationships, Therapy and Play

Tue, April 4, 2pm

#45Playful Prototyping with Care

Wed, April 5, 2pm

#5Safe in Our World

Thu, April 6, 4pm

#50 Alistair Aitcheson: The Creative Love Show!

Fri, April 7, 8pm

#60 Coney: The Trust Games

Sat, April 8, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm

#70Laurence Young: How I taught my mum to play Elden Ring

Sat, April 8, 6pm

#80Love Song Karaoke Drift

Sat, April 8, 7pm

#90Street Games Tour:
Heartstrings, Love at First Sight & Semaphoria

Sun, April 9, 3-5pm


The exhibition is open on all days except on Monday. If you’d like more time and space to enjoy the selection of games, we recommend coming during the week. You can buy exhibition tickets for a specific timeslot, or get a festival pass to come and go.

<Sena, >

Jisoo Lim

A Lozenge

Party for Introverts

A Lyst Retrospective

Andrea Brasch & Patrick Jarnfelt

Abort Game

Lisa Maillard

Act II, Scene II

Geraint Edwards

Anonymous Animal

Everest Pipkin

Breakup Squad

Catt Small


Naomi Clark


Dri Chiu Tattersfield

Cushion Commons

Valentina Karga & HFBK Students

Deviation Game

Tomo Kihara & Playfool

Everyday Vrealities

Timo Wright

Flatter Me

Ami Baio

Long Distance Starship

Karenza Sparks and Alex Fleischli

Mother, Player

Angela Washko

Point of Mew

Kate Killick & David Rodríguez Madriñán

Rainbow Paths

Helen Kwok & Chad Toprak

Sayonara Wild Hearts


The Game of Me

Aley Baracat

The Game: The Game

Angela Washko

The Grannies

Marie Foulston, Luke Neher, Sam Gill & The Grannies

Thirsty Suitors (demo)

Outerloop Games

tiny wanderer



Timothy Snowdon with Lee Osmond and Paul Jackson

Tux and Fanny

Albert Birney and Gabriel Koenig

We Are Only Moving Towards Each Other

Chia Amisola

Where Should We Begin – A Game of Stories

Esther Perel