2017 Festival

At the heart of Now Play This was an exhibition of forty different games, running throughout the weekend – some digital, some physical, and some halfway between the two.

We invited our visitors to explore strange landscapes. Help robots connect. Create works of art while playing table tennis. Fight against time in our Ten Second Room (six games, each of which takes ten seconds to play), or search through the letters in a word search the size of a room…

10000 YEARS

 Heather Robertson

The Art of Ping Pong

Jono Sandilands

The Awkward Arcade

 James Medd

Beasts of Balance

 Sensible Object

Become a Great Artist in Just 10 Seconds

Michael Brough and Andi McClure

Bot Party

 Phoenix Perry


(new commission)

 Yara El-Sherbini

Burly Men at Sea



(new commission)

 Terry Cavanagh

Istanbul, Texas (with Awkward Arcade)


Dead Pixels

Tatiana Vilela dos Santos and Olivier Drouet

Digital Bird Playground

 Tom Van Den Boogart

GameToilet Cinema

 Jerry Carpenter

Pink Trombone

 Neil Thapen

Joy is Here

 Aïda Gómez

The Judgement of Paris

 Ken Friedman


 State of Play


 Agata Nawrot

Morning Makeup Madness

 Jenny Jiao Hsia

One Thousand Imaginary Games

 Nate Crowley (@frogcroakley)

Pico Park

 Teco Park

Proposal 14

 Nils Norman

Queers in Love at the End of the World

 Anna Anthropy

Restless Spirit Projector

(new commission)

 Viviane Schwarz and Jonatan Van Hove with Amber Hsu


(new commission)

 Patrick Smith (Vectorpark)

Secrets of the Formicary

(new commission)

 Tomben Mann

The Silence in Room 1258

(new commission)

 Laura E. Hall


(new commission)

 李尚倫 (Lee Shang Lun)

Thread Racer

(new commission)

 Miyu Hayashi and Richard Burns

Twelve Games About Counting

 George Buckenham

Goodnight Traffic City

 Loren Schmidt and Kia LaBeija

Vaida Plankyte Anthology (with Awkward Arcade)

 Vaida Plankyte

Waiting for Godot

 Ranjit Bhatnagar

The Whole World

 Nick Crockett

Wish Fishing

 Pol Clarissou

Playground Proposals

Keita Takahashi