2016 Festival: Saturday

11am-4pm – River Terrace


Mufti Games

Mufti ran a giant game of Battleships, played with flags, binoculars, cunning and teamwork. Mufti Games are a Bristol based team of actors, musicians, theatre directors, producers and designers who love to make and to play games, and with Massive Battleships they pit distant teams against each other in a massive, tensely-fought version of the classic board game.

2-5pm – Main Courtyard


Simon Johnson

Qubit is a new sport designed for Somerset House, played in a court made of the laser beams, with a quantum computer. Yes, a real quantum computer. Qubit challenges you to predict the speed or location of a particle – you can’t know both. Your objective is to win, probably.

10am – 1:30pm – In the Hall

Board Game Showcase

Whether you fancied a five-minute game of bluffing, a fifteen-minute game of wordplay or a serious hour of strategy or politics, there was something for everyone. Alongside our existing board games library, we added:

2-3pm – In the Hall


Jordan Erica Webber and Keith Stuart interview game designers


For an hour each day, Guardian game journalists Keith Stuart and Jordan Erica Webber interviewed designers showing their work at the festival, chatting about the games themselves, the design process, other work at the festival, and anything else that took their fancy.

3pm – 6pm – In the Hall


On Saturday afternoon we played games in groups; games that got us chatting, thinking, exploring, arguing and creating. These were games built on social interactions – from silent walks through the streets, to collaborative puzzle-solving, to planning robberies and saving the world.

Throughout the day