2016 Festival: Friday

2-3pm – In the Hall


Jordan Erica Webber and Keith Stuart interview game designers


For an hour each day, Guardian game journalists Keith Stuart and Jordan Erica Webber interviewed designers showing their work at the festival, chatting about the games themselves, the design process, other work at the festival, and anything else that took their fancy.

3-6pm – In the Hall


On game design

Friday afternoon was a chance to chat about game design, with an afternoon of five-minute talks on people’s work, particular problems they’d encountered, game design discoveries they’d made and games they love.

Speakers included: Cara and Will Jessop, speaking about Millie Moreorless and game design for particular learning outcomes // Two Way Media, on designing for remote controls // Becca Rose, on her upcoming hybrid picture book/app // Joe Bain on the making of Lazer Lips // Helen Gould on catharsis in roleplaying // Ricky Haggett of Hollow Ponds on how his son plays Toca Blocks // Nicola Read of 815Agency // James Medd talking about his arcade project to explore awkwardness // Jamie Harper speaking about Nordic larp // Christiaan Moleman // Richard Wetzel

4-7pm – Main Courtyard


Invisible Playground & 72 Hour Urban Action

Just Add People is a portable construction play kit in a box. It invites players to create really large structures out of lightweight poles and connector balls, responding to game prompts.

Throughout the day