2015 Festival: Friday

On Friday we’re focused on game design, with a mini-conference from 2-5pm: three hours of 5 to 10 minute talks that you can drop into and out of, delving into the nitty-gritty of particular game design problems or particular play experiences. If you’d like to grab a five-minute slot to speak, then there’ll be a chance for that too – the only rule is that we want detail, the tiny strange interesting obscure minutiae, a five-minute exploration to the corners of some area that you know or care about deeply.

Speakers include:
Arnaud de Bock (independent), speaking about Pico-8
Dejan Mitrovic (Kidesign), speaking about 3D printing and games
Llaura Ze (DREAMFEEEL, showing Fluc throughout the weekend)
Louis Roots (SK Games), talking about making custom controllers
Maf’j Alvarez (independent, showing Rootbeans on Saturday)
Marie Foulston (V&A), talking about some of the strange games she loves
Matt Wieteska (Six to Start), speaking about translating a digital game into a card game
Sheila Udeagu, talking about roller derby

(All scheduled events are limited capacity, first-come first-served on the day.)