Now Play This celebrates its first decade of exploring games and playfulness by highlighting the creative power and ubiquity of play. This year’s theme “Liminality: Playing between worlds” is an invitation to think of play as a place both for introspection and connection. It is a call to reconsider our understanding of play and games and their relationship to our everyday lives and to other artforms.


In 2024, the events programme spans all aspects of game-making, from family construction workshops to academic game studies talks.


Sat, April 6, 11am-2pm || Sun, April 7, 3-6pm

#11Camp Now Play This!

Sat, April 6, 2-4pm || Sun, April 7, 12-2pm behind the scenes & concerto performance

Sat, April 6, 5-6pm

#31Cardboard Beats Keyboard

Tue, April 9, 12-3pm

#32Borders (LARP)

Tue, April 9, 3-6pm

#33Game Documentary Screening Night

Tue, April 9, 6-9pm

#42Vector-Synthesis Workshop

Weds, 10 April, 3-6pm

#51At Play: Between Reality and Make Believe

Thur, 11 April, 11am-6pm

#52Living Spaces / Dead Spaces

Thur, 11 April, 6-8pm

#61Hybrid Worlding: Co-shaping digital and physical narratives

Fri, April 12, 2-6 || Sat April 13, 3-6pm

#62Machinima Screening Night

Fri, April 12, 6-7:30pm

#71I Did It!

Sat, 13 April, 11am-2pm || Sun, 14 April, 11am-2pm

#73Boring Office Party (LARP)

Sat, 13 April, 6-7.30pm

#81Who killed society? – a Psychogeographical Murder Mystery

Sun, April 14, 2-4pm


1001 Nights

Ada Eden


Kevin Kripper

Artworld Gaiden I: Progression/Digression

Daniel Green


Martin Bonadeo / Oliverio Duhalde



Beyond the Garden // Más allá del jardín

Laura Palavecino

Border Riding

Jo Reid

Cis Penance: Transgender Lives in Wait

Dr Zoyander Street


Emilie Breslavetz & Léon Denise

Data Garden

Shaman Garage

Dear You

Ludipe (design), PinkPastelWorld (art), and Víctor Ojuel (translation)


Techn‘Orisha Collective

Game Designer

Paul Gault, Lynn Love & Agency of None

Labyrinth: Now Play This & A MAZE Co-Commission

Julia Makivic & Emma Wood

Lockdown Space


Maze Walkthrough

Serafín Álvarez

Memorygame For Forgetfulness / Memorygame For Remembrance

Andrew Sheerin

Moving memories

Pamela Cuadros

NAVE Remoto

Videogamo, Inc.



Orchids to Dusk

Pol Clarissou with music by Marskye


Ed Key and David Kanaga

Service Set

Mateus Domingos

The Edge of the World

Natalie Maximova

Today I Die

Daniel Benmergui

Twist and Shine


v r 5

Pippin Barr


Sad Owl Studios

Walking the Face of my Dead Grandfather

Liam Gibbons