Now Play This: Special Events

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Alongside the exhibition, each day has its own collection of special events…

On Friday we’ll focus on the processes of making games – with a Code Liberation Foundation game-making workshop, and an afternoon of microtalks from 3pm to 6pm – come along to listen or sign up on the day to deliver a five-minute talk yourself:

  • 3pm-4pm: Holly Nielsen, board games and history // Tom ‘Grenadine’ Leonard, how to shelter yourself from your creative project // Nate Crowley, a thousand imaginary games // Tatiana Vilela dos Santos, game designers as fantasising gods // Veve Jaffa
  • 4pm-5pm: Jonathan Giroux, learning through rapid game prototyping // Delphine Fourneau, the making of Sacramento // Jono Sandilands, Pinball Craze! // Lee Shang Lun
  • 5pm-6pm: Gregory Kogos, alternative controls and hardware games // Quang Nguyen, making your game stand out at expos // Zuraida Buter, vines! // Richard Burns and Miyu Hayashi, the technical problems of Thread Racer // Lucy Stylianou, making an autobiographical game

We’ll also show Gibson/Martelli’s MAN A through the afternoon, and Shailesh Prabhu’s new sport Dariya Kanare, and, at 7pm, a performance of Liliane Lijn’s 1974 Poem Game.

On Saturday it’s a day for more games – with apocalyptic Anthropo-Scenic Golf, broom-based sport-game Sweeper Keeper, drop-in workshops Toy Generator and Affix, and a board games showcase throughout the day. From 6:30pm to 8:00 that evening, we’ll have talks on interaction and play in public spaces from Ruth Gibson (Gibson/Martelli), Ashvin de Vos (Variant Office) and Toby Parkin (Science Museum) – encompassing fine art, architecture and curation.

On Sunday, our new outdoor game is Carpe Diem, plus there’s more Anthropo-Scenic Golf, puzzle-solving and plague-fighting, and a day of strange and experimental controllers.


12 Orbits

Roman Uhlig

Dariya Kinare

Shailesh Prabhu


Assorted Speakers



The Guardian Interviews…

Keith Stuart and Jordan Erica Webber

Magic Interactivity on the web with P5.js

booking required

Code Liberation Foundation (booking required, limited spaces)

Poem Game

Liliane Lijn


Anthropo-Scenic Golf

Gary Campbell and Jeannine Inglis Hall


Matteo Menapace

Breakup Squad

Catt Small and friends

Crisis Chess

Hazel Savage, Tom McRogers, and Victor Baumbach

Cuckoo Curling



Peter Law

Invisible Garden

Rosa Carbo-Mascarell and Tim Phillips

Majestic Dinosaurs

Jackson Tegu


Laura Michet


Arcade Vinyl Inc.


Fickle Games

Sweeper Keeper

Lena Mech and Patrick Jarnfelt

Tangled Paths

Luis Diaz Peralta

The Guardian Interviews…

Keith Stuart and Jordan Erica Webber

Thunderbrain and the Colour Machines

Big Potato

Toy Generator

Cult Milk

The Wind’s Soft Welcome

Sam Sheffield


Anthropo-Scenic Golf

Gary Campbell and Jeannine Inglis Hall

Bear Abouts

Becca Rose

Cuckoo Curling


Chicken Jump

Firepunchd Games

Invisible Garden

Rosa Carbo-Mascarell and Tim Phillips

Living Orb

Jonathan Giroux

MaoMao Castle

Quang Nguyen



Of Plagues, Deceptions and Other Things

booking required

Block Stop


Nick Giles


Gregory Kogos

Rubber Arms

Robin Baumgarten

The Guardian Interviews…

Keith Stuart and Jordan Erica Webber

& Exhale

Mala Lal

Move Mixer No.6: The PS Move Light as a Ball

Hazel Savage

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