10am – 1:30pm – In the Hall


On Sunday morning we tried out all sorts of strange and experimental controllers – some of them the culmination of years of research, some of them cobbled together whatever the designer could find in their back yard. There were virtual reality experiments, a yoga ball, magnets, voice controls, bar codes and more. 


2-3pm – In the Hall


Jordan Erica Webber and Keith Stuart interview game designers


For an hour each day, Guardian game journalists Keith Stuart and Jordan Erica Webber interviewed designers showing their work at the festival, chatting about the games themselves, the design process, other work at the festival, and anything else that took their fancy.

3pm – 6pm – In the Hall


The afternoon brought a chance to get making – crafting board game pieces, building 3D landscapes, trying out new game-making tools, drawing together and tearing up rulesets to create new ones.

Throughout the day


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